Sheep - God Bless You

God Bless You – Sermon – 3 May 2020

As you read this passage in John 10, envision yourself as one of the sheep in the pen; a helpless, needy, easily distracted sheep and imagine how you would feel when you saw your shepherd approaching you – how you...

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The Empty Tomb by George Richardson

Easter Sunday 2020 – Matthew 28

Easter is about our hope: because Jesus is alive, death for those who follow Him has been conquered! We celebrate the resurrection because it was the sign of the promise that we too will experience the very same thing!

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he is risen an empty tomb

Good Friday – Matthew 26:47 to 27:66

This morning we are making our way from the garden to the tomb. We will be continuing to read from the Gospel of Matthew, stopping to notice and reflect along the way as we experience once again the arrest, trial,...

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Flock of sheep

Leaning on the Shepherd

At times such as these – when we are struggling to make sense of the world – it is important for followers of Jesus Christ to turn to God’s Word – to rest in the God who our Bible reveals...

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COVID-19 Response

COVID-19 Response Update

In accordance with government restrictions enacted earlier this week, First Baptist Church, Kingsville will no longer be able to gather for worship or any other church programs until further notice. […]

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